Microsoft Dynamics 365 Deep Dive Series: Using Microsoft PowerApps, Flow, and Common Data Service with Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 has been released, but what is it, and why is it better than previous releases of Dynamics? What does it mean to you? In our first in our series of Dynamics 365 Deep Dive blogs, What It Is, What It Costs, and What it Means to You, we introduced you to the product and pricing. We continued the series with 10 of our Favorite Tools. In this blog, we get to know the powerful tools that help you :

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Forecasting versus Budgeting for Today’s Businesses

We have been hearing a lot of chatter recently around the differences, strengths and weaknesses of budgeting and forecasting as two separate processes.  We’ve seen the following perspective grow in popularity: forecasting might be more effective to planning for modern business than traditional budgeting.  We’re committed to staying on the cutting edge and intersection of technology and today’s business, as the evolutions change the landscape for professionals and the organizations they are taking into the future, so moving away from the established method of achieving planning goals sparks our interest.  Therefore, in this article, we’ll compare budgeting and forecasting processes with the hope that you can understand which process is more effective and productive for your company.

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Let’s Talk about Management Reporter

At the beginning of this year, there seemed to be a lot of buzz around Management Reporter (MR) – both on the web and in conversation, in the Microsoft Dynamics community.  It appears to have sparked when Mark Polino, the Fastpath Director of Client Services and more significantly, a 9-time Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) Award recipient, published an article about MR at the start of the year – and he wrote about his disappointment in the product and the frustration that users were feeling.  The piece he wrote for has definitely hit a nerve with Dynamics users as it gave voice to a lot of issues, and this current conversation has been brought up to us more than once.  We’d like to join this discussion to pose a basic question: is MR for Microsoft Dynamics an impactful part of Business Intelligence (BI) plan?

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