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What Are AKA’s Microsoft Dynamics ERP Support Plans?

AKA offers a Microsoft Dynamics AX and Dynamics GP Support Plan to our customers. As the implementers of your Dynamics system, we believe that no one can offer the value proposition that we can when it comes to supporting you and your organization. AKA’s Support Plan provides you with one number to call to obtain assistance for all aspects of your business solution. Our support staff will assist you via telephone or email, and if required, we will use remote connectivity tools to view exactly what is on your screen so we can walk you through the issues as if we were looking over your shoulder. By signing up for our Support Plan, you will continue to receive the benefit of our outstanding knowledge and skills long after your system implementation is complete.

What Does The Support Plan Include?

Our Microsoft Dynamics Support Plan includes unlimited support incidents for:

  • Troubleshooting and correcting issues with Microsoft software and third-party software arising from customer’s use within the software’s intended functionality
  • Corrections to reports, screens, inquiries, configurations or other deliverables provided by AKA during software implementation
  • Corrections to products, interfaces or other customizations created by AKA to work in conjunction with Microsoft software or third-party software
  • Answers to questions by trained users about everyday use of purchased Microsoft software, third-party software and AKA reports, data conversions, modified screens, integrations and module customizations
  • Answers to questions by trained administrators about workstation installations, remote connectivity, SQL Server database and disaster recovery

What If We Call With A Request That Is Not Covered In The Support Plan?

If you call our support desk to request services that are outside the scope of the Support Plan, we can simply schedule one of our consultants to perform that work on the same time and materials basis as we have during your implementation.
The services that fall outside the scope of the Support Plan are:

  • Training on product use
  • Creating additional reports, screens, queries, configurations, data conversions, products, interfaces and other customizations
  • Any data fix to the client data
  • Supporting any module or functionality not implemented by AKA
  • Fixing reports, screens, queries, configurations, customizations or interfaces if they have been modified or if the system environment changed since they were provided by AKA
  • Fixing any integrations to external systems if those external systems have changed
  • Reinstalling, recovering or configuring applications and databases for any reason including due to hardware failure or new hardware
  • Installing any hotfixes, service packs, cumulative updates, feature packs or new releases

What is the Customer’s Responsibility?

In order to ensure AKA can maximize our support effectiveness, you are expected to comply with the following:

  • You must be in compliance with the license agreements from Microsoft and third party software products
  • Your hardware must meet the minimum requirements that Microsoft has specified to operate the software
  • Your users must be minimally trained in the products per our recommendations
  • Your internal systems or information technology people must follow our installation and maintenance guidelines and recommendations

What Are The Hours Of Operation?

Support Hours cover 9 AM – 5 PM EST. Special arrangements can be made on a case-by-case basis or due to geographic requirements. Support required during hours outside this range can be scheduled in advance and may be subject to additional charges.

What Is The Response Time?

Support Plan clients receive a 90-minute response time. This means that within 90 minutes, clients will hear either by email or phone from the assigned support representative. This does not mean that a case will be resolved and closed within 90 minutes.

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