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In the world of business, the only constant is change. As your needs evolve and grow, so should your Microsoft Dynamics solution. Whether you are growing and need to add users, or you need to add on to your solution to address new business problems, or you want to take advantage of system functionality that you already own but haven’t ”turned on” yet, your business will benefit from a review of your current needs. AKA Enterprise Solutions  can help assess your needs and determine if it would be cost-effective to expand your system or take advantage of new functionality by upgrading to the current version.

Upgrade your Solution

One of the most valuable benefits AKA can offer you is the advantage of periodic system upgrades and updates for your solution. Microsoft invests heavily in research and development, so keeping your business on the latest version available means benefiting from new features and capabilities and staying on the leading edge of technology.

Consider moving to the Cloud

Microsoft’s cloud platform, Azure, provides additional space to accommodate database growth and additional users. If you move to the cloud with AKA, we offer new version upgrades, support and remote troubleshooting, for a monthly fee. To learn more about Azure and the benefits of hosting your Microsoft Dynamics Solution in the cloud, visit our Azure page.

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